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Selflessness will deter COVID-19

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote for Silver Sage Magazine Here's the link to the original article:…

A Little Caring Goes A Long Way, In This “I don’t give a F*&#” World

By Michael Orr It seems the trend isn’t going away. The prevalence of the “I don’t give a F*&#” mindset,…

Self Publishing? Where to start

There are a number of myths and/or outdated views on self-publishing today. They tend to undermine and demean the quality…

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Michael is a #1 Best Selling author, freelance writer and a blogger. He writes non-fiction books, magazine articles and other copy content under his name, Michael J. Orr. His fictional work is now done under the name T.J.  TAO.  He has a degree in Biochemistry, with minors in Chemistry, Math and Physics. 

Michael is a practicing wordsmith, a recovering wine snob, a guitar player, musician, songwriter and most importantly a father of four. He and his family survived the #CampFire, which destroyed Paradise, Ca (the subject of his novel, 'BURN SCAR') and now live southern Idaho.

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