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Book Launch Day!!

TUESDAY OCT 15th, 2019 is the Official Launch of KILL the Bucket List: Start Living Your Dreams 90% of our…

One of America’s Heros Remembered- Meriwether Lewis

After their famous expedition, Meriwether Lewis was appointed Governor of the Louisiana Territory and William Clark was promoted to Brigadier…

Kill The Bucket List

How many times have you said, "Before I die, I am going to do_______."? How many times have you said,…

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WordsmithMojo is a combination site for the works of Michael J. Orr.

Michael is an author, freelance writer and a blogger. He writes non-fiction books, magazine articles and other copy content under his name, Michael J. Orr. His fictional work is now done under the name T.J.  TAO.  He has a degree in Biochemistry, with minors in Chemistry, Math and Physics. 

Michael is a practicing wordsmith, a recovering wine snob, a guitar player, musician, songwriter and most importantly a father of four. He and his family survived the #CampFire, which destroyed Paradise, Ca (the subject of his new novel, 'BURN SCAR') and now live southern Idaho.

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