Book Launch Day!!

TUESDAY OCT 15th, 2019 is the Official Launch of KILL the Bucket List: Start Living Your Dreams

90% of our limits in life are self-imposed. Explore the mindset changes one needs to make to overcome obstacles in life and LIVE The Life of Your Dreams.

A brief philosophical, motivational, and inspirational journey that might just change your life”

The age of the bucket list is over.

Ask yourself honestly, if where you are in your life is where you truly want to be.

Is it fulfilling?

Are you living the life of your dreams, or do you have a sense that there should be more to life?

Far too many of us have been conditioned by societal influence to put our dreams and goals into some mythical Bucket that we may or may not address in our last days, or when life becomes perfect.

But how can life be perfect if we aren’t following our dreams and passions?

And why would we want to save our most passionate desires for our last days?

In this book, we examine the changes in mindset required to overcome the excuses that we have told ourselves and START LIVING OUR DREAMS.

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