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Grammar still matters. If you are a writer and publish anything: a book, article, blog post, FB post, and even a Tweet without editing it first, you will cost yourself readers. Social media is overrun by misspelled words, mismatched tenses, and word choice problems. I didn’t even mention punctuation.

“It’s just Facebook”, doesn’t fly.

We all make errors (I do frequently), but some of the things that I have seen online lead me to believe that some writers no longer care. From big-name companies with tense inconsistencies on sponsored posts to local restaurants that use apostrophes to indicate plurality. Writers should be held to a higher standard, but anyone who writes/types frequently should be cognizant of the chalkboard-scratching reaction that some people have to these types of errors. But there is a solution, an easy one: Grammarly

Grammarly is an indispensable tool, to help clean up your writing by highlighting poor phrasing, spelling and tense issues, to name a few. You can add it to your desktop, add a chrome extension and even link it to MS Word (though see Scrivener above before you bother). Have your own personal ‘grammar nazi’ looking over your shoulder as you write. Click Here for more info.

Using Grammarly saves me a great deal of time, because now when I edit, I am able to focus on story and flow instead of being focused on typos and spelling. It’s been a great addition to my arsenal of writing tools.

Disclosure: I use Scrivener and Grammarly, I am also an affiliate, they do pay me a small percentage if you purchase by clicking on my links. It doesn’t cost you any more and it helps support a writer and keep this page going.

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