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What does the sale of Barnes & Noble mean for them, for writers, and for publishers?

If the rest of you are anything like me, older writers have long lamented the loss of the great independent bookstores. The kind of place that makes you feel like you can actually smell the history written within the books on the shelves. Like a library where you don’t get shushed, or given that look ( you know the look I am talking about). Much of that loss, of course, was caused by the book mega-stores like Barnes and Noble and Borders.

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How To Write Without Fear

I once heard that nearly 90% of all books are never completed, much less published. I don’t know if it’s an accurate number or not. but I do know that I, personally, had at least 3 unfinished manuscripts in my desk drawer, when the house burnt down last year. So even though I have published one novel and have two more coming out this year, I am much further behind in the publishing game than I could have been had I not wasted a decade on un-utilized work.

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