Think Differently For a Unique Vacation Experience

If much of your traveling schedule revolves around 3-day weekends, thinking outside the box can make any trip to the coast different than all the other hotel stays that you have taken.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I went to visit my older children (yes, they are 16-year-old triplets) in San Diego. We have spent a lot of time in hotels over the years, and since it was just the four of us (my wife and youngest son didn’t make this trip), I came across a great way to change things up. And it didn’t even cost more than a nice hotel… We rented a yacht!

Now, don’t get me wrong. We didn’t go out on a yacht, we rented it just like a hotel room, but it stayed docked in the marina. I found it on VRBO and got it for around $250 per night, about the same cost as a mediocre hotel in San Diego on a holiday weekend. 3 bedrooms, plus a living room, kitchen, and two bathrooms. It had all the usual amenities: Satellite tv, DVD player, board games. But the kicker was the decks …

We played games and relaxed up on the bridge, we fished from the dock and main deck. We even flew a kite from the main deck.

Cloudy day, but our kite paid homage to what Memorial Day is about

Though the full kitchen was put to use, there was also a nice cafe within the marina property and because we were in the marina we had full access to the amenities of the Sheraton that sat overlooking the marina: pools, restaurants, gym, etc.

Now, I know that I haven’t given you much detail about this particular boat, but the point is to inspire you to think about doing something different when thinking about quick trips. Make it interesting. In reality, it was no different than having a 3-bedroom suite with a kitchen, but the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. They all texted their friends about how cool it was that they were on a yacht. Honestly, it was better than going out on the yacht simply because the weather wasn’t perfect and we had plenty of other things to do nearby; shopping, restaurants, and even went to a movie.

They’re teenagers… can’t get them to smile all the time

Use your imagination… Do something you’ve never done, even if you are in a place where you’ve ‘done it all’. Have fun and keep looking for adventure

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